About Us

The “It’s-4-U-NJ” campaign is the latest program in New Jersey’s many post-9/11 victim assistance strategies to help residents of New Jersey recover from the impact of the disaster. This program is sponsored by The Office of the Attorney General, Division of Criminal Justice, UMDNJ-University Behavioral HealthCare, and by VOCA Funding.

It’s 4 U New Jersey 911 consists of four primary components:

The 1-866-4-U-NJ-911 Toll-FREE hotline answered by trained clinical staff
FREE One-to-one individual counseling
Community education sessions
Information and Resources
“Often individuals are unaware of how traumatized they have been by a particular event until some other completely unrelated experience triggers feelings of anxiety and depression”, said Christopher Kosseff, CEO, University Behavioral Healthcare, UMDNJ. “Post-traumatic stress disorder can occur months after the trauma. That’s why this is an important service to offer all New Jerseyans and UBHC is excited to be part of this program.”

“Even as we approach the fourth anniversary of 9/11, anger, anxiety and fear lingers. That’s why we started “It’s-4-U-NJ” said Attorney General Peter C. Harvey. “The program is geared to help New Jersey residents recover from the impact of the disaster.”

Give us a call. We can help. Call 1-866-4-U-NJ-911

Want to know more? Email us at: 4unj911@umdnj.edu